How NVE Uses Paloverde Botanicals for Client Holiday Gifting

Client Success Story


Project Details

  • CLIENT: NVE Experience Agency

  • OCCASION: End-of-Year, Holiday Gifts

  • RECIPIENTS: Clients


  • KEY FEATURES: Client gifts, Corporate holiday gifts, End-of-year gifts, Bulk shipping, Business development gifting


NVE Experience Agency is a brand experience agency specializing in experiential marketing and building creative ideas rooted in culture, based in Los Angeles, CA. They believe the right moment will transform someone forever and reached out to us last year looking to make a similar impact on 275+ of their current and future clients through custom holiday gift boxes. 

Wowed by our custom branded wooden gift boxes and our commitment to planting trees for every gift box sold, NVE wanted a luxurious unboxing experience that incorporated gifts and plants that would inspire and delight and that could also easily be repurposed and reused after the initial gifting.

Custom Branded Gifts & Packaging

Custom laser etched wooden gift boxes were a must for NVE. They looked to us to incorporate additional, intentional branding. First, a custom notecard to convey their gratitude for an incredible year of projects and share their social give back of 554 trees planted on behalf of their clients. And finishing touches with a round sticker to adorn the live plants and custom shipping tape to ensure their branding was made an immediate (positive!) impression on the clients as they unboxed. 


Custom branded wooden slide top boxes lay stacked, featuring NVE Experience agency logo and geometric shapes

A hand holds out a holiday card celebrating 2021's projects and social givebacks with gift boxes in the background

Gift Curation

NVE's wooden slide top gift boxes were packed to the brim with curated gifts to wow their clients for the holidays including:

    • 2" Alpenglow succulent plant (grown in California, gift wrapped in our own kraft origami wrapping)

    • Mini Ceramic Ramekin by Convivial (handmade, small batch, women owned)

    • EVOO & Champagne Vinegar by Brightland (women owned, AAPI owned)

    • Brass Pour Spout by Brightland (women owned, AAPI owned)

Client Feedback 

"We partnered with Jillian and Paloverde Botanicals to create custom client holiday gifts and I must say that Jillian absolutely killed it! She was an amazing partner to work with, helping to identify different products and small businesses that not only felt high-end and elevated for our cliental but also had a give back component. This was our first time taking our client gifting out-of-house and she made the process effortless, and the final product was pure perfection! I absolutely hope we’ll be able to work together again!"

- Ellie F.

A custom gift box contains lays spread out on the concrete - a wooden gift box, custom black and white shipping tape, a holiday card, olive oil and other homegoods

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