How can custom branded packaging elevate your corporate gift boxes?

At Paloverde, we pride ourselves on helping businesses and brands like yours gift intentionally throughout the year by curating unique gifts inspired by nature! One of our inspirations behind the Paloverde brand was providing an alternate to what we see so commonly in the gift box industry - logos haphazardly plastered across random gifts and packaging elements, cheaply made and mass produced. Not the types of gifts we'd want to send or receive--gifts that end up in the trash immediately upon opening (talk about ROI, right?).

But there's absolutely another way to incorporate your custom branding that will elevate your corporate gift boxes: focus on a thoughtful mix of gifts sourced by small businesses and makers and package them all up in custom branded elements that add something intentional to the gift experience. Here are a few examples of branded packaging that will elevate your next batch of corporate gift boxes!

1. Custom Branded Laser Etched Wooden Gift Boxes

Crafting a memorable unboxing experience is an absolute must! The first thing your recipient sees? The gift box, of course! Our luxurious wooden gift boxes are made to be reused, repurposed and provide that wow factor immediately upon opening. Laser etch your logo on the sliding lid for maximum impact. We have trusted partners in Canada that manufacture our boxes. They also plant a tree for every gift box sold, so that means for every wooden gift box you send via Paloverde, two trees are planted via One Tree Planted!

A stack of wooden slide top gift boxes with laser etched design on the lid featuring geometric shapes and NVE Experience Agency logo

2. Custom Branded Tissue Paper

All of our gift boxes utilize tissue paper enclosures - whether wrapping the gift box on the outside or nestled within the gift box as an interior . We love working with Noissue on our custom branded tissue paper featuring an all-over botanical pattern in gold metallic ink on white tissue.

3. Custom Branded Stickers

Another effective packaging element that will elevate your corporate gift boxes? Stickers! We use custom branded stickers to secure our tissue paper enclosures, seal greeting cards, and even on the exterior shipping container. This is a perfect vehicle for your logo that can be a tasteful addition to the overall branding without overwhelming the design aesthetic. When your logo inclusions feel intentional, they'll have greater impact on the recipient and they'll be more likely to keep and utilize the item! AllStickerPrinting is one of our valued sticker partners that craft beautiful stickers from metallic foil to custom die cut.

Two kraft gift boxes with a botanical design in white on the exterior are filled with tissue paper enclosure and The Product Boss branded sticker and notecard

4. Custom Branded Greeting Cards

Each of our gift boxes comes with a greeting card with personalized printed (and often times handwritten!) gift note. This is one of the most important parts of your corporate gift boxes as it lets you speak to the recipient, provide context for the gift curation and your relationship/goal in gifting. Custom branded greeting cards are the perfect place to incorporate your logo and brand colors, we often encourage our clients to utilize this piece of packaging as a personalized component.

Two gift boxes side by side with Mission Minded notecards featuring tagline "Amplify the Good" and blue and orange colored gifts including a candle, succulent, woven planter and tea tin

5. Custom Branded Gardening Gifts

Branding gifts are an incredible way to make an impression on the recipient and the ultimate personalization for corporate gift boxes. Instead of opting for the boring options we've seen mass-produced everywhere, we've helped clients personalize unique gifts including gardening tools and planters with laser etched logos & design, custom embroidered patches, custom screen-printed bandanas and more! 

Close up of a custom corporate gift box featuring Faire branded patch, etched garden trowel, greeting card reading "Greetings from Salt Lake City" and live air plant

So what branded elements can you see adding to your corporate gift boxes this year? Can we help you bring them to life? We'd love to share more about our capabilities and hear about your upcoming gifting needs. Reach out using the contact form below and get in touch today!

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