8 Perfect Occasions For Corporate Gifting Year-Round (besides the holidays!)

Many companies wait until the holidays to send custom gifts to their employees and clients. And while we're BIG fans of holiday gifting around here, we believe in the power of evergreen gifting done throughout the year! We've put together our eight most impactful occasions to send custom corporate gifts year-round for the biggest splash:

  1. Employee Appreciation Day: Celebrated on the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day is a perfect occasion to show your employees how much you value their hard work and dedication throughout the year. The perfect time to utilize our gift box builder and build the perfect gift from the ground up - select a box, choose your gifts, pick a card and include a gift message. We'll handwrite it and send it straight to your hard-working employee to brighten their day.

  2. Work Anniversary: Recognizing an employee's work anniversary is a great way to show them that their contributions are valued and appreciated. Our collection of pre-curated gift boxes offers something for everyone.

  3. Milestone Achievements: When an employee or team reaches a significant milestone or achieves a major accomplishment, celebrate their wins with a custom gift box like our Moscow Mule. Pair with a bottle of their favorite liquor for the perfect party.

  4. New Product Launch: When your company launches a new product or service, a personalized gift box is the perfect way to create buzz and excitement amongst your clients or partners. We can curate a collection of plants and botanical inspired gifts around your product and/or company branding for a completely cohesive unboxing experience that will leave a lasting impression.

  5. Company Parties, Trade Shows and Conferences: Have a company party coming up? Participating in a trade show or conference? Consider bringing along a selection of custom branded gift boxes to give away to your attendees. Pair alongside a weekend itinerary and include gifts that add to the attendee experience or even provide a group bonding activity - planting a mini succulent, for example!

  6. Retirement: When an employee retires, it's a significant milestone in their career and one of the most meaningful moments to consider sending a personalized gift box. Our Olive Always gift box is the perfect show of love from coworkers and company alike. 

  7. Client Appreciation: Showing your clients that you appreciate their business is paramount in building strong relationships. Consider sending them a personalized gift box like the Garden Party to inspire, delight, and show your appreciation. The handwritten gift message will be the perfect finishing touch so your brand stays top of mind. 

  8. Company Anniversary: Celebrating your company's anniversary is a great way to reflect on your achievements and milestones. This is a perfect opportunity for a fully customized gift box or select, thoughtfully curated swag like bandanas, planters, and other useful items with your company's branding. Contact us today and let us put together a proposal on the best way to execute!

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