5 Foolproof Succulents You Need In Your Apartment Today

No shame in that game. We know it can be hard to be a plant parent sometimes. That's why we put together this list of our favorite foolproof succulents that make perfect houseplant friends and are (nearly) impossible to kill!

Not everyone was born with a green thumb, and even the the wisest of plant parents goes on vacation, has a few late nights at the office (or on the town, we're not judging) and may forget their daily duties in caring for their plant friends at home. Sound familiar? Yeah... us too. These beautiful, foolproof succulents are hardy (seriously), and fairly forgiving in their care regimen needs, because even the "blackest" of thumbs deserves beautiful houseplants!


Foolproof Succulents Easy To Care For | Paloverde

Aloe plants are extremely hardy. Give them lots of sunlight, don't overwater (a good soaking every 2 weeks should do), and they'll last forever!

Bonus: keep them in the kitchen and if you're in need of quick burn relief, they'll be within reach. Just cut off one of the leaves and peel off an edge. *ta-da, instant burn relief*


Another light-hungry plant, jade can last many weeks without watering. In the winter times, even once a month and your Jade plant will still thrive.

Design inspo: channel your inner flower child by channeling the 70's with a classic hanging macrame planter to display your Jade plant. Macrame + Jade was a classic 70's design staple in many households. Why not bring it back?


Succulent zebra plant nestled amongst rocks

One of our absolute favorites - Zebra succulents are a dream for the non-green thumb'ers out there. We have one in the shop that wasn't watered for months...and is still living to tell the tale. Bi-monthly watering is preferred, however, for a happy Zebra succulent! But trust us, this one is perfect for any beginner looking to expand their plant family.

Design inspo: while Zebra succulents can certainly grow to a larger size, they're also perfect in miniature! Think about planting them in an up-cycled candle jar, teacup or other fun, small vessel to add variety to your indoor garden.


Foolproof Succulents Easy To Care For | Paloverde

One of our personal favorites, the Echeveria succulent grow into beautiful rosette formations and oftentimes will flower! Like most of the plants on this list, given the right amount of sun, these will flourish! But they also can survive in lower-light areas if you're lacking direct sun in your space. They even come in 3" versions for those tight on indoor gardening real estate!

If you're feeling energetic: trim off any dead/withering rosette leaves towards the bottom - these will keep your Echevaria happy and healthy!

Pincushion Cactus

Foolproof Succulents Easy To Care For | Paloverde

You can guess where the Pincushion Cactus got its name? They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and with enough natural light, can even produce beautiful flowers. Another drought-tolerant variety, Pincushions need very little water. Every 2-3 weeks should do.

For your health: best positioned where you (or your furry friends) won't run into the sharp spines, Pincushion Cactus plants are nevertheless beautiful and easy houseplants to care for. Perfect for a shelf or curio cabinet!

Local to LA and ready to bring one of these hardy plants into your home? Sunset Nursery and Mickey Hargitay Plants are two of our favorite nurseries in town. What are you waiting for? Turn that black thumb green and snag one (or more!) of these beautiful, foolproof succulents for your abode.

Better yet, add one of these plants to your next custom gift box! We have a variety of 2" plants available in our marketplace and our gift box builder. Each will come packaged in a kraft origami wrapping and ready to gift. 

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